Be obsessed with what you want!

Been having a blast creating lately! I'm trying not to be too busy to update here everyday!

Preston Blair style hunter sneak rough 2

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Preston Blair style hunter sneak color 2

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I was trying for a loose water color like look, with yesterdays color cycle, but I don't think it came across. So I spent way too long coloring this tonight, but I think it came out a lot better. *Yawn*

Trying my hand at some 3d modeling in Maya, a little test starring Claude.

I've been listening to a lot of Toon In to the World of Animation podcasts lately, and I really enjoyed the episode with Sharon Colman (#28). Who has a lovely accent and also worked on How to Train Your Dragon as a story artist! Anyways at the end of the interview Tee Bosustow asked Sharon what advice she had for new comers to animation, and she said "You've just got to, to really in a perverse way just be obsessed with what you want, and stick with it and don't worry too much about what people are are thinking or what you should be doing, just do it." That's been stuck in my head for the past few days, so thanks for the inspiration!


2 Parter

Here's part A of tonight's update,

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and part B!

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Sorry for the shorter updates the last couple of days, but I'll have a huge update as soon as I get some more free time to scan in the drawings from the last few days.


Late Update!

Got caught up doing some school stuff today, update should be out late tonight!



Sometimes you just need to take a little break. I was noticing the I'm too tired warble in my final line work today after work, so even though I wanted to get tonight's drawings done right away, I knew I needed to step away for a bit. Lo and behold the rest of the drawings went pretty smoothly.

Gilligan keep on truckinging.

Claude tries on his new toupee.

Pirate a Day

With our little hero feeling good in his fancy new duds he paid Theodore the Tailor in the towns favorite currency, and went on his way.

I got to watch part of the Rescuers last night, after not having seen this movie for who knows how long, and hearing and reading lots about it (since it was one of the last things Milt Kahl worked on) I was happy that it still stood up to what I was hoping it would. I really picked up on a lot of the things Walt Stanchfield has been talking about regarding drastic angles to emphasize the pose and to really get the gestures across. (Drawn to Life Vol 1) I wish they would have developed the Madame Medusa character story-wise a bit more, cause Milt Kahl delivers an outstanding performance. Thanks for the inspiration!

(Check out Inspector Cleuzo's posts on Madame Medusa for some great Milt Kahl drawings!)


Opportunities and Goals

Sorry about last night's update being a little late... I got caught up roughing and retouching up the Preston Blair run cycle. Overall I think it turned out pretty good, but I've got to remind myself to keep to deadlines and although perfection is key you have to keep yourself on schedule.

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Gilligan is kind of a scared-i-cat.

Gilligan doing his best greek fountain impression.

Claude and his turtle being kings of the world,

and then realizing that they aren't.

Pirate a Day

Pirate a Day - Article the Second

After a few hours of trying different looks our little hero and Theodore found one that worked perfectly!

Our little hero couldn't thank Theodore the tailor enough!

So life has thrown me quite a few twists since really following my dream to be an artist / animator. Some things have vastly improved while others have simply fallen by the wayside. I'm right now again at a crossroads in life. I was listening to the Asifa Hollywood Animation Podcast with Beth Sleven, and they were talking about which colleges were the best to go to for animation, which books were the best to read, what skills to practice and develop, and they came to the conclusion that it really doesn't mater as long as you really have the desire and motivation, along with some sort of talent of course. For example one of her fellow animators started out as a law student. Which reminded me of something Eamonn Butler said on the Animation Podcast. It was something to the effect of you never really know exactly what opportunities are going to come your way and you have to take advantage of everyone. Well here's to decisions, hard work, life, motivation, opportunities, and goals. Thanks for the inspiration!



An update will be seen in this area shortly...

*edit Spending way too long roughing this one out. Double update tomorrow.


Practice What You Stink At!

After using the Cintiq for a few days now I finally have started to draw quite a bit more freely. Doing my roughs and cleaning them up on a new layer has helped to make my traditional drawing flow smoother and faster. Even my repencils are going quicker finally!

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Gilligan suffering from a bit of gas.

Claude and his turtle are at it again!

Pirate a Day

Turns out the second outfit Theodore suggested for our little hero wasn't quite his style either.

Life's been a bit busy the last few days, so I haven't had much time to spend with my usual books, Drawn to Life Vol 1. and the Illusion of Life, but I have caught a few great little tidbits here and there. Kevin Cross and Mark Rudolph have been rather entertaining on Art and Story Extreme this week. I rediscovered the Toon In to Animaion Podcast and every episode seems to be full of rich history, interesting people, and fascinating interviews. I can't wait to get through the backlog. On a side note I really should look into UPA pictures more. They sound fascinating. Anyone have any good recommendations? Finally John K has had a couple of great posts this week on drawing exercises the best little tidbit out of them was "PRACTICE THE THINGS YOU STINK AT." Thanks for the inspiration!


The 3 C's Cintiq, Conan, and Cary Nord

If the Cintiq were a woman I'd marry it, and for the record not in a creepy way I just like drawing with it. It's so much fun. Wacom's Cintiq feels so much more natural than the old Bamboo I used to use. I still am trying to balance out my use of the Cintiq with traditional pencil and paper, but we'll see when I run out of sketchpads if I go out and buy more ... I probably will.

Gilligan Playing in the grass... I think...

Claude and his turtle still enjoying their time at the park.

Pirate a Day

Theodore thought the first outfit our little hero tried on didn't quite suit him.

I love Cary Nord's take on Conan. Frazetta is the Conan litmus test for sure, but Cary Nord just has a way with his line work that is truly appealing. That being said he hasn't done a Conan comic for quite some time, but it looks like he's going to be doing some covers at least again soon. I picked up Conan Vol 8 a couple of days ago, and if you are a fan of Conan, graphic novels or just illustration in general, do yourself a favor and pick up Vol 1 I'm sure you'll fall in love with the Cimmerian by the end of the first page. Thanks for the Inspiration!


Update running late...

Tonight's update is running a little slow... will be up soon.
*edit* Here it is!

Gilligan sneaking around.

Gilligan trying to dance!

Claude and his turtle's day at the park.

Pirate a Day

Pirate a Day episode II

Our little hero got up and ready for the day, but before he went out he stopped and took a look at his clothes. What a mess.

So before he went anywhere he first stopped at Theodore the Tailor's Shoppe.

I came across Ben Butcher's new Toy Story 3 Golden Book while I was out and about. What a treat. He really captured the old Golden Book era vibe. Check out his blog, Blips and Ifs!
Thanks for the Inspiration!


Happy Father's Day!

A little drawing I did for my Dad who loves Rocky and Bullwinkle among other great older cartoons. The Indian theme comes from all the fun times we spent together at the now renamed adventure guides (his "Indian name" was Longknife). Thanks for teaching me so much especially your great sense of humor. Happy Father's Day!


Drawing what you think you see isn't always the best.

I'm about half way through drawing everything in Preston Blair's Cartoon Animation book, and boy have I learned a lot. Looking back on some of the drawings I've done even a month ago I can tell I really have grown quite a bit. I thought I would have been done with the book by now, but some of these animation cycles are taking a little longer than I had originally planned and I still want them to look nice too.

Gilligan just hanging around.

Claude goes fishing for turtles.

Pirate a Day

After a good 49 hour nap our little hero awoke rested, ready to face the day and what ever adventures it might bring.

Walt Stanchfield has been teaching me a lot about angles lately through his book Drawn to Life Vol 1. He talks about angles in a similar way that Preston Blair presents line of action. Just drawing what you think you see isn't always the best. As humans our rig, or rather our body, knows how to handle itself, but as artists sometimes we need to see what the meaning behind a position, movement or action actually is. So sometimes it is necessary to over exaggerate angles or the line of action to better tell a story with an image. John K also did a nice write up on a similar idea, but focused on setting up a shot rather than a pose. Definitely worth the read.

Borders finally got Imaginefx's How to Draw and Paint Anatomy in stock, and I quickly snagged up a copy, well, after an hour or so of sketching people in the coffee shop. I've only had a chance to flip through it, but it looks like they've done a great job again. Thanks for the inspiration!