Simplify and Exaggerate

Finally got around to listening to an episode of the Ghettomation podcast. What a surprise! Not only did it feature the fabulous Kevin Cross of Art and Story and the always entertaining Raul Aguirre Jr of Man vs Art, but they had on the ever inspiring Sherm Cohen of Cartoon Snap. This latest episode is absolutely worth taking the time to listen to. The big take away that I grabbed out of it was something Sherm Cohen said to the effect of, Cartooning: it all comes down to "Simplify and Exaggerate!"

Here's a sneak peak at the theme song for "The Little Hero".
(Oh, and I know I've got to reencode it to have the audio and video perfectly match up, but I thought you might get a kick out of it anyways!)

The strength continues...

A little revision of one of the poses from double devastation week.

This weeks joker themed sketchgroup entry.