Cintiq Tip!

So 5 hours after attempting to get started on my work today I'm finally able to! That being said I thought I'd leave you with a little tip that helped me out quite a bit.

Well it all started when I went to do some quick gesture sketches this morning and shock "tablet driver not found" this happens usually a couple times a week so I reinstalled the driver and nothing. Fast forward after reinstalling 4 different drivers the video driver on my computer unplugging everything resetting photoshop tweaking display settings tweaking preference settings ... you get the idea. Anyways Wacom released a new driver on the 29th! That supposedly fixes the tablet driver not found error and increases the calibration setting options. That being said Windows 7 somehow over-road the wacom drivers with generic Tablet pc drivers which lead to very wobbly bumpy lines. So all that leads to today's tip. For Windows 7 users got to Control Panel > Programs > Turn Windows Features On or Off and turn off those Pesky Tablet PC Components!

Now to get to work!