Animation Time! - Grasshopper Rig

Today's Inspiration:
I could not stand any discipline and, by necessity, I was very ignorant. Then I discovered school, but it was a little late and I understood that I would never be like others. Fortunately, there was drawing: I scribbled all the time

- Paul Gillon

Program - Maya 2014

Rig - Grasshopper

Animator's Bibles:
Character Animation Crash Course
Animator's Survival Kit
Illusion of Life
12 Principles of Animation
Drawn to Life

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Woodie Jr. - Animation Time!

Today's Animation Time features the Woodie Jr. Rig
Woodie presses down and anticipates the jump. He then leaps forward with feet dragging and hands leading the movement. Upon landing the feet overlap and swing out and the body does a bit of a recoil and relax.