Who can save the universe?!

Rig courtesy of the wonderful folks over at Animation Mentor!

Muisc from the amazing Legend of Kyrandia series.

Whale Walk - Walk a Day

Today's walk is a whale walk.
Head - light bounce and sway side to side
Chest - bounce up and leans to favor the next move
Tail - flops and offsets from the movement of the chest to propel the movement forward, with extra drag and successive overlap
Fins - rotate side to side with a little tilt and drag, to help direct the movement
Dorsal fin - light side to side twist and rotate, offsetting the movement of the chest

Animation Time! - Skybot Rig

Today's Inspiration:
"I'd love to think of the quality of my work as fine art. On the other hand, I'm in the wrong field. That's because of people and their judgments. If you illustrate a book, you're an illustrator. I'd like to think of Fine Art as being what it sounds like - fine. Quality. There are fine artists that do comics, there are fine artists that do classical art, there are fine artists that do illustration and yet, if they're in a certain field they think of themselves as fine artists when they could be terrible artists. It's the quality of art that counts. Whether it has all the great elements that make great art: the color, the design, the composition, the emotion it creates, all those things. If it doesn't do that, I don't care how skillfully done it is."

- Frank Frazetta

Program - Maya 2014

Rig - Skybotx

Animator's Bibles:
Character Animation Crash Course
Animator's Survival Kit
Illusion of Life
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Drawn to Life

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