Elves and Giraffes

That title makes me think of Elves riding Giraffes. Which makes me think of this unique cartoon(Dino Riders). I don't think I ever even watched the show, but I had one of the toys. It was either one of those or these farm animals that had bazookas and grenades strapped to them. Getting back on track, I spent a bit of time work on a bit more Preston Blair study. I'm struggling trying to mimic his style without changing it to fit my personal tastes, although it's nice to see I'm developing more of my own style.

I actually got a decent amount of feedback, through facebook, about people liking Gilligan the Giraffe. So here's a little more of that crazy little camelopardalis.

Thanks for all the nice comments everyone! Hope you like the new pictures!

Today's Inspiration comes from The Disney Family Album. I could watch these special's for hours on end. I just eat them up! If you don't know what they are, click the link already! No really, click. Watch. Come back. I'll wait. Okay, now that you've watched it aren't they just amazing. For those of you who didn't spend all day watching everyone, The Disney Family Album is basically a documentary on the Nine Old Men. They include interviews, cameos, videos of them just telling stories, or drawing. It's incredible. They're incredible. If you ever need inspiration watch one of them.

Well, it's another late night tonight. I've been meaning to talk about avoiding tangent's for a few days now. I guess it can wait for tomorrow. Until then, in the spirit of Dory, Just Keep Drawing!