The 3 C's Cintiq, Conan, and Cary Nord

If the Cintiq were a woman I'd marry it, and for the record not in a creepy way I just like drawing with it. It's so much fun. Wacom's Cintiq feels so much more natural than the old Bamboo I used to use. I still am trying to balance out my use of the Cintiq with traditional pencil and paper, but we'll see when I run out of sketchpads if I go out and buy more ... I probably will.

Gilligan Playing in the grass... I think...

Claude and his turtle still enjoying their time at the park.

Pirate a Day

Theodore thought the first outfit our little hero tried on didn't quite suit him.

I love Cary Nord's take on Conan. Frazetta is the Conan litmus test for sure, but Cary Nord just has a way with his line work that is truly appealing. That being said he hasn't done a Conan comic for quite some time, but it looks like he's going to be doing some covers at least again soon. I picked up Conan Vol 8 a couple of days ago, and if you are a fan of Conan, graphic novels or just illustration in general, do yourself a favor and pick up Vol 1 I'm sure you'll fall in love with the Cimmerian by the end of the first page. Thanks for the Inspiration!