Are Distractions Always a Bad Thing?

I think I had mentioned on here the other day that for the first time I had a bit of a hard time getting to art. Not for lack of inspiration or ideas, but simply excessive tiredness, a bit of monotony and in the end a feeling of burn out. Ever since I took a trip a few weeks back it's been hard maintaining a schedule. With the extra work at both schools, plus trying to evolve and grow in personal work as well as professional work, one can feel at times overwhelmed.

All in all I'm basically posing the question that came up after last night. I spent all saturday working on homework, and art projects from that morning till Sunday morning and then had work on top of that. After work I intended to take a 2hour power nap and get back into schedule, but some of my roommates decided to have a party. Which is awesome, but because of the amount of work I set for myself as a goal everyday I usually don't get to enjoy said events. Well, I'm not sure if it was cause I was too tired or just in need of some sort of break, but I ended up having quite a fun time and meeting some really great new people.

So, that being said... Are distractions from your end goal always a bad thing? Are there benefits from not constantly maintaining your true focus? Is it better to let yourself be distracted every now and then?

After that and a bit of sleep, I can say at least for myself, that while I would have liked to get a few more things done yesterday, it sure is nice to step back from projects if just for an evening.

Because it helped energize myself this week I'll leave you with a great tune by the fantastic VJBREWSKI!