Frank Frazetta

Was a little nervous to start my Preston Blair study for today. One, I usually don't do comic book style drawings so the superhero type was a little new to me and two, for some reason I'm nervous redrawing my circles these days. I think I nailed it though, Just doing it and not psyching yourself out is half the battle, or is that not what GI Joe used to tell me.

My niece recently found some tadpoles (polliwogs is a way better name though) so Gillifrog was born.

Claude and his turtle sharing a pint.

Our little hero vs a fierce Owlbear.

Unfortunately for us the Mustache Bandit discovered Twitter.

I woke up this morning and saw on my Facebook feed that Imaginefx had reported that a hero of mine died today. Frank Frazetta passed away today. A few years back I rediscovered Conan. I was instantly hooked. I loved every part of it. From Conan's mannerism and attitude to the over the top violence and gratuitous sexuality it's one of the few franchises I like everything about. The movies are fun, the stories great, and the art especially is spectacular. I love Frazetta's style there was no one who did what he did back in the day. After doing a bit of research and reading some great articles about him on both the Inspiration Grab Bag, Lambiek.net and Cartoon Snap. I was reminded that he also did some amazing cartoons in his early career. Thanks for sharing your gift Frank Frazetta. I'm wearing my Conan T shirt in your honor.