Caveman Walk - Walk a Day

Today's Walk is a Caveman Walk.
Head - light side to side sway and twist, extra overlap and drag on the jaw
Chest - light squash and stretch side to side 
Hips - lead the movement, extra bounce and sway
Legs - wide gait, medium low steps
Feet - drag back on the passing position, heavy landing with extra overlap on the toes
Arms - hang down and held out, light swing and sway
Hands - drag down, overlap and sway from the swing of the arms and forearms extending into the fingers and thumbs

Animation Time! - Whale Rig

Today's Inspiration:
"I wonder if we shouldn’t speak briefly about the endowment of “talent." Certainly there are those to whom the flare for graphic design and visual rhythm has been gifted. Drawing flows from the fingers of such prodigies as freely as a stream tumbles over the mossy pebbles in its path. I’m thinking of someone like Picasso, who from his early childhood, drew incessantly with increasing skill. He possessed a prodigiousness that seemed to be his way of talking.

Oh, yes, and did I mention that Milt Kahl’s favorite artist was indeed Pablo Picasso; he studied Picasso daily. There is even a scene in The Rescuers showing Snoops arguing with Medusa. If you look closely you can see Picasso’s influence in the drawing. “And the tide was coming in,” says Mr. Snoops, gesturing with both hands. “Snoops,” purrs Medusa, “you are much too soft.”
I’m sure you remember the scene. I recall Frank Thomas’ displeasure upon seeing it. “You’ve gone too far Milt,” he remarked. I remember this vividly because we were all standing at the urinals when he said it!

But, let’s get back to the question of talent. There are many young people that love the art of animation, and would love to make it their career. But how can they keep up with the gifted artists? Can perseverance really overcome the lack of talent or is “talent” just a synonym for hard work? It has been said that you can’t teach a pig to sing. Some say that it can’t be done and it annoys the pig. In my opinion, I certainly believe you can train someone to be a good animator; I know this from my own experience. Sadly, many talented people fall by the wayside. The key to success is perseverance!"

- Don Bluth Productions

Milt Kahl Medusa Animation

Program - Maya 2014

Rig - Whale Character Rig

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