Animation Time! - Zybot Rig

Today's Inspiration:
7 Principles of a Good Artist
1. Concentration
2. Study
3. Diligence
4. Observation
5. Patience
6. Integrity
7. Willingness to Work

- Robert Crumb

Program - Maya 2014

Rig - Zybot

Animator's Bibles:
Character Animation Crash Course
Animator's Survival Kit
Illusion of Life
12 Principles of Animation
Drawn to Life

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Fox - Animation Time!

Today's Animation Time features the Fox Rig.
Head - tipped back, light bounce and sway with overlap and flop in the jaw and ears
Chest - puffed out and pulled upward, light compress and sway side to side
Hips - rotate to offset the chest light side steps
Legs - low small side steps
Paws - drag back on the passing position land with a little compression
Front Legs - held up, light side to side swings
Front Paws - overlap and drag from the sway of the front legs
Tails - light floppy bounce with a little side to side sway