Searching For Your Message

I'm loving drawing Preston Blair kids. They're just so full of life and expression! I'm trying to incorporate different individual drawings into one to make a whole scene. It helps challenge me to try different perspectives. Wish I had more time to draw today, for that matter wish I could just draw faster. Well, practice makes perfect or so I've heard.

Ever since I came across Dr. Seuss Goes to War at Borders a few weeks ago I've had his drawings on my mind. Thus today, subject to your approval, I present to you Dr. Gilligan.

Wanted to try something new, so I started a semi post apocalyptic concept, in the vein of 9 and Fallout. Didn't have time to fully flesh it out today, but I like the idea behind it.

I mentioned how much I loved King's Quest a few days ago, and how I came across John Shroades. What I didn't mention was that, just on a whim, I emailed him to tell him how much I admired his work, and today to my surprise he emailed me back! What a great guy. He did mention one thing in his email to me that has stuck with me all day. "Keep drawing and searching for the message you want to tell the world with your work." I've thought about using drawings and art to tell a story, but I will definitely have to keep drawing and searching for what the message I'm supposed to tell is. Thanks John.