Shapes and Lines

I had a blast working on Preston Blair studies today. Mainly focused on lines and shapes and how mastering each one really makes or breaks your drawing ability. I still think I'm working too slow, but I'm enjoying it all and learning a lot so I can't complain.

Claude and his turtle on a global trek.

I think all of the time I spend reading John K's Blog is starting to sink in a la Gilligan and Stimpy.

I'm just loving coming up with weird action scenes to throw this little hero in the midst.

A little punk I doodled while on the phone.

Before I really started focusing on drawing, I used to draw pinup girls all the time. I think I'm gonna start doing that more often again.

I thought I'd mentioned the Pencil Test Depot before, but it looks like I haven't. One of my favorite things to do between drawings or when I get free time is watch old Pencil Tests especially ones done by Milt Kahl. One of the best resources out there is the Pencil Test Depot. It's run by a great artist too, Jamaal Bradley. If you ever wanna feel extra inspired and inadequate at the same time watch some of the pencil tests hes posted. Thanks for the inspiration!