That Dame Walk - Walk a Day

Today's walk is all about that Dame!
Head - straight forward sways with the movement of the chest
Chest - compresses and stretches with each sway of the hips
Hips - Sway up and over and back and over with each step really moving the weight of the hips
Legs - follow and balance out the movement from the hips
Feet - a bit of over exaggerated toes to add more readability to the steps
Arms - sway with the hips a bit more subtle to keep the focus on the the hips
Hands - overlap and follow through from the movement of the arms right hand fingers a little more exaggerated to offset less movement in that arm but keep it interesting

Old Man Walk - Walk a Day

Today's walk is an Old Man Walk.
Head - gives out a little with each step and pulls back with anticipation for the next
Chest - pulls up on the foot lift and squashes down on the step
Hips - a bit of up and down and side to side rotate
Legs - slow with a bit of give on the down step
Feet - slow and rotated out
Arms - stay bent while moving opposite the leg
Hands - follow through from the arms with a bit of extra overlap and follow through in the fingers and thumbs