Always Tryin' to be a Wild and Wooly Sheep

There are so many different artists I love, and tons of beautiful completely unique styles that just amaze me. On top of that you've got to decide which of the thousands of mediums you want to use. Why is my little eye attracted to so much!

Gilligan stubbed his giraffe toe for the fifth time today!

Claude's turtle's response to finding out Claude ate the last of the Reese's Pieces.

Pirate a Day

Thinking quickly and with even faster reflexes our little hero spotted the flying fork and positioned himself to exactly where he hoped the sharp object would land, and fate being what she is, of course, the pointed utensil stuck in just the right spot.

While out looking for a new shower curtain today (don't ask), I perused the DVD section for any old animated classics that might be on sale. Nothing was really that great of a deal, but I did come across Fox and the Hound which I haven't seen in ages. Between listening to the Animation Podcast and watching the Disney family album I've been absorbed into Disney history lately. Especially the after Walt passed, 9 old men films or the 1967-1985 era. I find it so fascinating to see how the studio struggled, evolved and succeeded during this period. Anyways, on the back of the Fox and the Hound DVD, there was a list of bonus features, and that's when I was reminded of one of my absolute favorite and most memorable Disney shorts, Lambert the Sheepish Lion.

This cartoon is a perfect example of what the appeal of animation is. The characters are aesthetically pleasing and lovable, the story is cute and heartfelt, and the song is catchy as hell. What a great reminder of what makes this medium really shine. Thanks for the inspiration!

Have fun!

Sometimes while drawing I'll get lost in my head and my own thoughts. A lot of the time this will lead to frustration with myself if I can't get a line to go exactly how I think it should go, other times it seems as though the drawings just flow out and almost without thinking and just feeling. Those are the times I like. I've got to figure out how to get that more often. When I'm roughing out a drawing, or just sketching someone or something it seems that its way more fluid, easy, fun and creative. Then my critical perfectionist mathematical brain kicks in when I wanna do cleanup and that takes about 5x as long as the original rough. I'd like to put both of those aspects in a blender and keep just the good parts of each one.

Gilligan waiting for the next trolley.

Claude's turtle getting a well deserved shake.

Pirate a Day

The beast thinking his meal was just about perfect went to rotate his spit one last time. The moment he reached for the handle our little hero spewed the overflowing mouthful of hot marinade he had been holding in his gullet. The wave of liquid caught the monster completely off guard and caused him to jump back in surprise and horror which subsequently led to the sharp fork he was previously wielding getting thrown out of his hand.

I finally got a chance to listen to this weeks Art and Story podcast, and the special guest Dan Mishkin gave a quote from the great Walt Kelly, that got my little ear burning. When asked why he created his comic Pogo he said he wanted to have fun and make money at the same time. Mr. Kelly I think beautifully stated what everyone's ideal goal in life is. Thanks for the Inspiration!