Brute and some Goofballs

I had a lot of fun drawing today. Mostly I worked on a bunch of quick drawings just for myself. I'm trying to find a good balance between accuracy and speed. I'm hopeful that it will come in time. Also, I listened to a lot of the Art and Story podcast. Lots of great inspiration and listening helps me to stay focused on what I want to do. Now to register my copy of CS4 (my trial ends in 4 days, Oh No!).


I didn't have hardly any time to draw today, and I can tell. I wasn't as loose and relaxed. I have noticed that I tend to draw harder when I'm in my pocket sketchbook and softer when I'm in my big sketchbook. It's fun trying to find a happy medium, and figuring out which style of pencil I like better. I use 2H in my large sketchbooks ( General Kimberly) and .5 2B (Pentel) mechanical pencils in my travel sketchbook. I find I actually really like them both.