Gilligan the Giraffe

Took me a while to get down the older almost 2d style of Preston Blair's Elves. I still think I kept the essence, but some of his hands and feet were just to be quite honest, awkwardly drawn. I also didn't like the fact that none of his elves had chins. People, even elves, need chins. As you can probably tell I went over the drawings with a 5h pencil. I just can't justify spending so much time on a drawing and not being able to see it clearly, when it's scanned in. Plus, I've had a few friends mention that too me as well. I think this will be the new standard from here on out. Even though it takes a bit longer, It's worth it.

Drew a little Giraffe for Rhys last night. She really liked it. So we named it Gilligan, and well more and more drawings ensued.

Today's Inspiration comes from your own eyes. Take some time today to look around you, and don't just look. Pause, even if only for a moment and try to see something you've never seen before. Look at the things around you that you always look at from a different perspective. It really makes life feel new and fresh.