Distraction 5555

Too easily distracted tonight. I still got a decent amount done, but not in any sort of timely fashion. Today was the last part of my Preston Blair young heroine study. Not a lot of facial work, but tried out some angles that I don't think I've done in the past. Feet and lips seemed to be my area of struggle tonight. I'm happy to be starting part 2 of Preston Blair's Cartoon Animation book tomorrow, the focus is on character movement! It should be a fun learning experience.

Gilligan needed to dance tonight.

Claude and his turtle on the run.

Hephaestus is an interesting character. After doing a little bit of research on him I came up with a mix of Al Borland, Billy Mays, and real Greek mythology.

I was thinking about these "two girls I know" who love Xmen. So I thought they would make great Superheroines themselves.

Rhys rented Interstella 5555 a while back and I didn't think much of it. After she had it on for about three minutes the music really caught my attention. The movie is basically an animated version of a Daft Punk album. The music is so catchy and Leiji-Matsumoto's outerspace rock band characters are instantly lovable. If you've ever got an afternoon to kill do yourself a favor and Netflix it.


Back Online!

Sorry for not getting out an update last night. Spent most of yesterday and a chunk of today getting my internet working again. So tonight is the first ever DOUBLE POST! Still not getting as much time to work on my Preston Blair study as I'd like. I just adore his style. I have to remember to stay on model. Keeping proportions equal, new angles for hands, and maintaining consistent perspectives were my tough spots on these ones.

Gilligan rub a dub dubbing and preparing for Toy Story 3!

Claude and his turtle goofing off.

I've gotten through all the Greek gods that I know a significant amount about. So I'm having to do a bit of research each day for Minithology. Tonight's cast members are Hestia and Dionysus.

The night before last I watched part of Fantasia 2000! Wow what a great movie. The animation is just captivating. Anyways, I was thinking about the Sorcerer's Apprentice skit and the Drunk Bumble Bee animation short (I'll have to find a link for this one), while sitting on the phone waiting for my ISP to figure out what was going on, so sketched this little apprentice riding a bumble bee.

Working on a project that I can't really say to much about right now, but I like this character design concept I came up with for it.

I mentioned Fantasia 2000 a little bit earlier and while I'm only half way through it, I love what I've watched so far. The whales flying in the air scene was beautiful, but what really caught my attention was Rhapsody in Blue. Simply breathtaking. I've talked about how I love Hirschfeld before, but I never knew this existed until now. He creates such great characters and each one has so much personality and life. I'd love to be able to draw like him. Just keep practicing.

Which brings me to today's inspiration. I caught the tail end of Chris Oatley's Artcast on Ustream tonight. It was great. Toward the end of the show they asked for questions and they actually used my question to wrap up the evening. I asked, "What advice do you have for artists just starting out?". The panel he had on said some great things. I'll try to recap what they said. Find your passion. Just keep drawing, learning, looking, and researching. Be open to criticism. Keep good connections with your friends and colleagues, and surround yourself with artists that are better and worse than you. So that you can learn from their experiences and knowledge and share it with others. Thanks for the great tips!


Off On Avoiding Tangents Again

I think tomorrow *crosses fingers* I'll work more on the Preston Blair study. I didn't spend much time on it tonight. What I did do I think took way too long for how much I got done. I did find out that I really haven't spent nearly enough time studying and drawing faces turning to the rear. Quite Challenging, but I think I hit it in the end.

Gilligan practicing Arithmetic ( +, -, x, /)

Claude scolding his turtle. Again working with different perspectives and layouts. Trying to keep these drawings dynamic like comic book covers.

I think I might spend a bit too much time, if that's possible thinking about Minithology. I like reading up on Greek mythology and then trying to blend it with all the Hercules and Xena I used to watch as a kid, and my own ideas of how I think the characters should play out. Tonights stars are Hermes, Ares, and Aphrodite.

A while back I talked a little bit about avoiding the tangent. I came across The Temple of the Seven Golden Camels blog today and wow what a resource. The most current post had a link to Will Finn's blog Small Room. He did a great write up about the downfalls of tangents with some great examples from both Scooby-Doo and the Flintstones. He really fleshes out a lot of great drawing pitfalls to avoid. Definitely worth a look.

blog post soundtrack of the day ~ Glee Soundtrack


Heroine of the Titans

Felt a bit reluctant getting started today, but I'm glad I stuck with it. I seem to be getting the hang of Preston Blair's young heroine a bit better. Did a few more rough, fun sketches before I got started this evening. I think that helped me to have the loose feeling I get after the first few drawings. Still spent too much time knocking out the hands, and I should really practice lips more, too. I've gotta get those down pat.

Dr Gilligan, the most exotic of the Time Lords.

Retro 8 bit Claude and his turtle.

The scan seemed to muddy this image up a bit more than usual, so I'm debating redoing it. Maybe I'll just take a picture of it instead. The Original just looks solid!

I'm totally digging the Minithology concept. I just love making up new characters. Tonight I present to you, Hades and Poseidon. As I work on this project more I keep thinking of how I wish there were more episodes of Clone High!

Picked up the newest copy of ImagineFX. What a great magazine. If you haven't checked out this publication, "Do it now!" I think the issue before this one was my favorite so far. It was all about Pinups. The newest issue has a great spread on Ray Harryhausen and his sketchbook. Harryhausen worked on the original Clash of the Titans. He produced some of the most cutting edge effects of his day, and after listening to his appearance on Clay Kaytis' Animation Podcast, I learned he did most everything all by himself. He's still such an inspiration!

blog post soundtrack of the day ~ Art and Story Extreme!


All The Young Heroines

How do I start off today? I think that's where. That's the way today has been going. It seems like I'm always avoiding doing straight head on faces. I tend to over analyze them. The eyes have to be exact, the lips have to be perfect, the nose has to be here, the ears there, etc. While yes, you do have to have the right parts in the right places, If you actually study a persons face it's never exact. At least I'm aiming for perfection. Preston Blair's young heroine (as in the girl, not the drug *how could a drug be "young" anyways*) seems pretty straight forward, but not for me. Well not tonight it seems. Powered through it, and it actually turned out alright. After scanning it in and analyzing it, I found even more areas that I wasn't 100% satisfied with. On a more positive note it helped me recognize a couple more areas I need to focus on.

First day of my new character a day challenge. I was listening to Kim Holm talk about Norse mythology on Art and Story Extreme, and I've always been a fan of mythology, mainly of the Greek flair. At the same time I was thinking of the art style of Mucha Lucha. Which is odd because I've never actually seen the show. So I came up with the idea of Mythological Luchadores. After thinking about it throughout the work day and talking to Rhys about the idea. I kinda morphed the concept into what I've coined now as "Minithology". So here's a couple character ideas (Zeus, Hera, and Hercules).

Gilligan's trip to the Zoo.

Claude and his turtle try to change a light bulb.

As you might have guessed from some of my other posts I partake of the occasional computer/console game. I've come to the realization lately that I don't necessarily even enjoy playing them. I simply like to immerse myself into the imaginative worlds other people have created. When I was little I didn't have a video game system so I used to go over to my friend's houses and watch them play. I loved it even more than I liked to play them myself. Rhys and I bought a new Xbox360 today! Our old one Red Ringed. So I got to play a few minutes of Fable 2 today. I think that franchise might be in my top 5. The art style is such a great mixture of actual medieval / post medieval concepts and outrageous over the top creativity. If you've never checked out the art you really should do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes looking at Lionhead Studios concept art page or Mike McCarthy's cghub portfolio.


Cake Time!

I need to look into hand exercises. I've started to get cramps in my wrists and hands. Between work, drawing and my slight love of web-surfing I need to be careful to not get carpal tunnel. On a happier note I'm still loving drawing Preston Blair's kids. After today's drawings though, I've noticed I really need to work on my perspectives.

I've challenged myself to draw at least one new original drawing a day along side my daily artists studies and developing the characters I've made up already. I'm finding it helps open myself up to be more creative.

Gilligan on the Go

Attempting more difficult (at least to me) and dynamic poses with Claude and his turtle.

I found out earlier tonight that Preston Blair who I've been studying for the last month or more is related to Mary Blair! Thanks to The Magic of Mary Blair, a brand new website dedicated to Mary Blair's work that is run by members of her family. I'm not quite sure why, but it really makes me smile to see such talent come from the same family. If you ever wanna see some of the most creative use of color, check out any piece of Mary Blair's work. Someday I have to learn to color like her!


Searching For Your Message

I'm loving drawing Preston Blair kids. They're just so full of life and expression! I'm trying to incorporate different individual drawings into one to make a whole scene. It helps challenge me to try different perspectives. Wish I had more time to draw today, for that matter wish I could just draw faster. Well, practice makes perfect or so I've heard.

Ever since I came across Dr. Seuss Goes to War at Borders a few weeks ago I've had his drawings on my mind. Thus today, subject to your approval, I present to you Dr. Gilligan.

Wanted to try something new, so I started a semi post apocalyptic concept, in the vein of 9 and Fallout. Didn't have time to fully flesh it out today, but I like the idea behind it.

I mentioned how much I loved King's Quest a few days ago, and how I came across John Shroades. What I didn't mention was that, just on a whim, I emailed him to tell him how much I admired his work, and today to my surprise he emailed me back! What a great guy. He did mention one thing in his email to me that has stuck with me all day. "Keep drawing and searching for the message you want to tell the world with your work." I've thought about using drawings and art to tell a story, but I will definitely have to keep drawing and searching for what the message I'm supposed to tell is. Thanks John.


Such a Lovely Day!

I really enjoyed studying Preston Blair's kid drawings today. They reminded me a lot of the Golden Books I used to read and watching School House Rock!I still have a hard time drawing some of the limbs as simplistic as he does. Anyway, I hope I did them justice.

Gilligan Wars!

Claude and his turtle

Went out for a walk with my puppy and Rhys. It was such a lovely day. If you haven't spent some time outside lately it really is refreshing. Look at all the different colors in nature, they're so unique.

I stumbled across Joanna Davidovich's Blog this morning. Wow what a talent! I've never heard of her before or seen her work, but after today I'm hooked. Her expressions and style are adorable. If you get a chance watch her Monkey Rag animation sequence. It's beautiful!


And how do you know she is a witch?

Having trouble maintaining a good schedule, and I think it's cutting into my drawing. Worked on some more Preston Blair witches. I really like his expressions. Struggled a bit with some of the hands, adding over dramatic skinny and boney fingers looks cool, but it's hard to keep anatomically correct.

Gilligan's adventures of the day.

I was really in the mood to play with my puppy, but still wanted to get the rest of my drawings done. Thus Claude and his turtle got to spend some time together. On both the Gilligan and Claude drawings I draw them with a 5h mechanical pencil as apposed to my Preston Blair studies which I do with a 2H and then repencil with a 5H. I originally only used a 2H and was hesitant with the 5H cause it's so dark and there's a smaller margin for error. Now I find myself really liking the look and feel of the 5H, and having a hard time staying with the 2H. I'm still far away from being comfortable drawing with a Sharpie.

My family got our first IBM computer when I was around 9. A few months before, my grandparent's got a PC and there's came with King's Quest VI. I would love to go over there and play it. I was completely enthralled with the characters, the environments, the style, the music, everything about it. For my next birthday, my parent's got me a copy. It was love at first install. To this day the art of that game still inspires me. So much so that I did a little research and found one of the game's artists. John Shroades is still working as an illustrator and his drawings are just as captivating as the stuff I loved as a kid. Check out some of his outrageous fantasy characters! They are so original and full of life.

A whimsical adventurer reminiscent of King Graham.