You're only as good as your last try!

I've got to look into quicker methods of coloring. It seems to be taking a bit too long to get it right. If anyone knows any good photoshop color techniques please let me know!

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I had some time to listen to a couple great episodes of Toon-In to Animation today. The first episode was with Maureen Furniss an animation historian who teaches at Cal Arts and writes the Animation Journal! She talked a bit about the start of animation and that even early cavemen tried to make moving pictures. The statement that really stuck with me today though, was something that Barrie Nelson said, "You're only as good as your last movie." Which reminded me of something I read a while back about whatever you're drawing right now should be the best drawing you've ever done. I've got to try to keep that in mind in every aspect of life. Thanks for the inspiration!