Animation Time! - Fazee Rig

Today's Inspiration:
Love thy art, poor as it may be, which thou hast learned, and be content with it, thyself neither the tyrant nor the slave of any man... I wouldn't put it quite like that but we would mean the same thing.

- George McManus (Marcus Aurelius)

Program - Maya 2014

Rig - Fazee

Animator's Bibles:
Character Animation Crash Course
Animator's Survival Kit
Illusion of Life
12 Principles of Animation
Drawn to Life

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Blake - Animation Time!

Today's Animation Time features the Blake Rig.
Head - tilted up, stretches up and out further
Chest - puffed out and pulled back with a little side to side
Hips - rotate to offset the chest, with a little up and down
Legs - low medium steps
Feet - drag back on the passing position, land with a little toe flop
Arms - bent and held upward, left arm pulls in and right arm stretches out
Hands - overlap and drag from the movement of the arm and forearm, left hand grips tighter, right hand opens and reaches out