Happy Dance!

I got my acceptance letter to Animation Mentor today! Woo Hoo! I can't wait to start! I'm working way to slow and meticulous as of late. I think I also might be trying to focus too hard. My hand's cramping up and my led is breaking more often than I'd like. I have to loosen up. Still loving the walk cycles although they're getting to be a bit daunting to do one a day with all the rest of the images I want to get out. I have about 3x what I can put up that I just don't have the time in a day to clean up and prep for scanning. I've been debating just working on single sheets of paper too rather than my sketchbooks. I'd like to have a larger flat surface and I think it would scan in easier as well, but I do enjoy having everything together in one spine. It makes for a good archive and more portable.

Claude and his turtle playing baseball and sharing a coffee.

Gilligan trying out a Picasso move and a Bananaphone.

Our little hero had just gotten back from another long adventure.

No sooner had he reached his bed, but his eyes locked themselves shut in hopes to stay closed for at least a few business days.

A friend on Facebook linked a video of Johnny Cash so I had to draw an old rocker.

Bored Hobo Elephant waiting for the next train.

How my hand feels every night before I fall asleep.

I was listening to the latest Ninja Mountain podcast on Frazetta and Socar Myles mentioned Howard Pyle. I had never heard of him by name so I looked him up and lo and behold he's the creator of all the great pirate illustrations I loved as a kid. What an extensive library of amazing images he produced in his lifetime. I hope to be able to have at least half that many stunningly memorable images someday in my archive. Thanks for the inspiration!