Too sleepy!

I didn't get started till too late tonight. Hence work is gonna be fun tomorrow, but it's worth it! I really feel motivated and excited about drawing. I hope it shows through in the work I've been doing. Worked on a bit of "Line of Action" for my nightly (which lately is turning into early morning) Preston Blair study. Line of Action is basically keeping motions fluid and their corresponding reactions consistent.

Claude and his turtle getting to do what I should have done 5 hours ago.

Gilligan the Giraffe's day at the beach.

MiniDemeter ~ the thought behind Demeter was a bit of hippy mixed with a portion of trailer park wife (no offense intended).

Lastly here's another fun little concept image from my secret project.

While at the library earlier in the week I was browsing the over-sized book section and came across something I hadn't thought about in years, Babar. Babar the elephant was one of my favorite childhood characters. The illustrations were so simplistic yet elegant. I always loved the colors and the vibrancy of the drawings. I can't wait to spend an afternoon soaking up the Art of Babar.