Hand Study

A quick study of Milt Kahl's Merlin's Hands from the Sword in the Stone.
Practicing staying loose with drawing, doing only one pass no cleanup, and using a darker pencil.

Today's exhaustion is daily.

I just realized that I've been using the same blogger avatar for too long, so here's an updated one.


Exhausted Perspective!

Trying to get the feel of a more applied perspective.
Some of you may remember the Ye Olde Ham Hock Inn from Little Hero Episode 1.

Here's last weeks basic walk cycle in 3d and 2d using Maya and Flipbook

Today's exhaustion is EXTREME!

This week is gonna be a personality walk. That means.... time to be sneaky!
Here's some goofy video reference that Rhys helped me with.


Exhaustion Week!

This week's theme is exhausted, perhaps its a bit too appropriate.


The Final Concern!

It's already Saturday night! That means it's time for the final concern.
Here's a couple extra concerned poses,

and a little collage.


Concern parte numero etcetera

Quick little update today, it's been rather busy.
Tonight's daily concern is uneasy concern!


Vanilla Walk

Working on a run of the mill walk cycle this week.

There's still a couple of knee pops I want to fix up, hopefully I'll get them right by the end of the week. Spent a little bit of time working in flipbook today as well. It's such a fun program!

Today's concerned pose is chaotic!



Visualize Visualize Visualize!

Last night I finally signed up for Don's Club, the Don Bluth Animation course, now I'm kicking myself that I didn't do it sooner. Tonight was my first class and it was chock full of information. I don't usually take notes, but I ended up with a page full of notes and a page full of drawings.
The main theme he had for us today was Visualize. What makes creative people valuable is that they can never really be replaced. As Rual from ManvsArt says, "be yourself cause no one else can be" or something to that effect. That being said our creativity and our skill come from our visualization, before you do anything visualize what you are going to do and try to get as close to that as you can. Whether it's animating, caricaturing, drawing, story-boarding, illustrating, whatever visualize, visualize, visualize!

Here's a quick glimpse at today's notes. (Note to self: use darker pencils!)

(second page of just notes and like always click to enlarge)

Today's concern week pose is Sorrowful Concern.

Here's a little concept design I'm working on that I might turn into a logo, or menu for the site later on.

(Gilligan, Claude's Turtle, Claude, and the Little Hero)


Concerned Perspective part deux

Continuing on with this week's theme here are the concerned concept sketches.

Concerned pose dos

Revised and updated the perspective work from yesterday.

Overall it turned out pretty decent, but I'm not comfortable using the softer leaded pencils in this composition ie the 4B and 6B. Hopefully it'll come easier with practice.


Concerned Perspective

This week's theme is Concerned!
Webster's Dictionary Defines concerned as : anxious, worried / interested.

Here's some extra perspective study as well.
I tried out some different pencils than what I normally use ( a 4B and 6B). While I love the dark line that they offer without have to go over the line again or press insanely hard, the soft lead will take some getting use to.



Hey gang!

(I always want to say that for some reason)
Anyways, I've got a trip coming up this weekend, so I'm not sure how the upadates are gonna pan out, but here's what I've been working on animation wise for the last couple of days.

Here's the planning.

and the blocking!

Have a great weekend!



I keep saying I'm gonna upload a bunch of drawings and I wholeheartedly intend to do so, I've just been way too busy, but here's a little Gilligan drawing from this evening. Lots more to come!

Doing a little bit of perspective study as well. I need to master this. I want to really start creating some lush backgrounds.

Today's Strength Pose is rocking the big guns!

Little collage of the last 3 weeks triple strength action!



Hooray! It looks like blogger added a pages functionality to the site, so I can finally rearrange everything like I've been wanting to! Stay tuned to see a bunch of new drawings and a couple older ones too!

Here's today's strength pose!



Michael Sporn has a great post over at his splog today highlighting the wonderful magnificent lovely Mary Blair! How can anyone not just fall in love with every thing that woman touches. (I might possibly be the kid who went on It's a Small World perpetually *until my parents couldn't take it anymore* the first time I went to Disneyland). Anyways I've really got to study her style more and more. I'd love to try to implement her spectacular use of color in my work.

Here's today's strength pose!

(this one was a bit tricky I was trying to follow my initial sketch but this model didn't really want to adhere to original design. I was trying to get 2 lines of action going one on the front contour of his body and then a C like shape from the back foot to the back hand).

(click to enlarge)
As always any critiques and comments are always welcomed and appreciated!

Have a wonderful day!


Triple Strength Week 3!

Here's the sketch of all of last weeks strength poses.

Starting this week off with a more Conan themed strength pose.


Early Update!

Quick little update before work!


A few months vs 11 minutes

While reading through the Avatar the Last Airbender (the art of the animated series), something really caught my eye. People talk about loving the work, and how much effort goes into a piece of art, but when you're actually given time frames on how long things took or how short, it really hits home. I was shocked at 3months for 11 minutes and I couldn't figure out if that seemed really long, or really short. Three months in most people's view is a significant period of time, but when it comes to creating something that you really love and want to be perfect it doesn't seem like nearly enough time.


Dump Extras!

Scott Lemmer has been pushing all of us ton, like I've said before, Keep it Simple. So this week was all about, dumping extras, just focus on what the core idea is. If it's not really helping the whole concept dump it!

New Site, New Logo!

So I finally took the plunge and got my own domain a couple nights ago, and am now working on building a new site, don't worry the blog will still be where I post everything, its just the site will have an easy to navigate collection of drawings, and animations.

Anyways, here's the logo I've been working on. What do you think?


Strength Poses

Here's the first page of Strength Poses.


Celebrate what makes you unique!

When studying the basics and the principles of any craft there is a reason to learn the steps to mastery. However, even going from one book or one teacher to another, even the basics are presented with different viewpoints, strengths, and weaknesses. That being said look at all the things you love in life. If they all were the same how boring would that be. So when you're working on a project, of course think about all the principles and important foundations, but celebrate what makes you unique! Keep working towards a goal of where you want your style to be, but be content with where your style is now and happy that you're the only you in the world.


Triple Strength Week 2!

I've been especially inspired during these strength gesture studies by the perpetual gorgeous muscle flexing poses of Beauty and the Beast's (Andreas Deja's) Gaston.


Simplify and Exaggerate

Finally got around to listening to an episode of the Ghettomation podcast. What a surprise! Not only did it feature the fabulous Kevin Cross of Art and Story and the always entertaining Raul Aguirre Jr of Man vs Art, but they had on the ever inspiring Sherm Cohen of Cartoon Snap. This latest episode is absolutely worth taking the time to listen to. The big take away that I grabbed out of it was something Sherm Cohen said to the effect of, Cartooning: it all comes down to "Simplify and Exaggerate!"

Here's a sneak peak at the theme song for "The Little Hero".
(Oh, and I know I've got to reencode it to have the audio and video perfectly match up, but I thought you might get a kick out of it anyways!)

The strength continues...

A little revision of one of the poses from double devastation week.

This weeks joker themed sketchgroup entry.






Here's a little sneak peak at this weeks scene.



In the Art and Story podcast this week they brought up an interesting point about frequent reevaluation, and with the amount of projects I have on my plate at anyone time this is definitely something I'm going to have to do. I have about 3 months worth of backlogged sketchbooks that I need to get up, and I also have 2 books that I need to get off the ground. This episode was definitely worth a listen for anyone who has any project they want to get done.