Cake Time!

I need to look into hand exercises. I've started to get cramps in my wrists and hands. Between work, drawing and my slight love of web-surfing I need to be careful to not get carpal tunnel. On a happier note I'm still loving drawing Preston Blair's kids. After today's drawings though, I've noticed I really need to work on my perspectives.

I've challenged myself to draw at least one new original drawing a day along side my daily artists studies and developing the characters I've made up already. I'm finding it helps open myself up to be more creative.

Gilligan on the Go

Attempting more difficult (at least to me) and dynamic poses with Claude and his turtle.

I found out earlier tonight that Preston Blair who I've been studying for the last month or more is related to Mary Blair! Thanks to The Magic of Mary Blair, a brand new website dedicated to Mary Blair's work that is run by members of her family. I'm not quite sure why, but it really makes me smile to see such talent come from the same family. If you ever wanna see some of the most creative use of color, check out any piece of Mary Blair's work. Someday I have to learn to color like her!