Draw as much as possible.

Such an interesting day today. None of it really went like I had planned, but looking back I really can't complain. I gotta say though I did suffer a bit from distractionitis. I was gonna I procrastinated, but that's really not true. I just found so many great things today that were hard to pull myself away from. The looming stroke of midnight though definitely kicked me into gear. I think I might have to completely shut off my computer, but that's where all my good music is stored, and the bulk of some of my favorite pictures. I'll have to find a good compromise.

Gilligan doing some manual labor.

Claude and his turtle slowly tipping...

Pirate a Day

Just when he thought it was over, our little hero had a great idea, so he filled his cheeks with as much of the sticky, sweet liquid as they could hold.

I got an email back from Elyse Pastel! She seems so lovely. I really appreciate that she took the time to respond! The best part was she offered up some great advice. "My advice is to draw as much as possible. I teach at an Arts High School. The most advanced kids are the ones that draw all the time and keep their minds open to all forms of art and expression. They never say, " That's just not my thing". You can say that in 10 or 20 years, but not now." Thanks Elyse. I think that advice is applicable for almost everyone in any career or walk of life, but I know I for one will definitely take it to heart and strive to adhere to it. Thanks for the inspiration!