Michael Sporn has a great post over at his splog today highlighting the wonderful magnificent lovely Mary Blair! How can anyone not just fall in love with every thing that woman touches. (I might possibly be the kid who went on It's a Small World perpetually *until my parents couldn't take it anymore* the first time I went to Disneyland). Anyways I've really got to study her style more and more. I'd love to try to implement her spectacular use of color in my work.

Here's today's strength pose!

(this one was a bit tricky I was trying to follow my initial sketch but this model didn't really want to adhere to original design. I was trying to get 2 lines of action going one on the front contour of his body and then a C like shape from the back foot to the back hand).

(click to enlarge)
As always any critiques and comments are always welcomed and appreciated!

Have a wonderful day!