Heroine of the Titans

Felt a bit reluctant getting started today, but I'm glad I stuck with it. I seem to be getting the hang of Preston Blair's young heroine a bit better. Did a few more rough, fun sketches before I got started this evening. I think that helped me to have the loose feeling I get after the first few drawings. Still spent too much time knocking out the hands, and I should really practice lips more, too. I've gotta get those down pat.

Dr Gilligan, the most exotic of the Time Lords.

Retro 8 bit Claude and his turtle.

The scan seemed to muddy this image up a bit more than usual, so I'm debating redoing it. Maybe I'll just take a picture of it instead. The Original just looks solid!

I'm totally digging the Minithology concept. I just love making up new characters. Tonight I present to you, Hades and Poseidon. As I work on this project more I keep thinking of how I wish there were more episodes of Clone High!

Picked up the newest copy of ImagineFX. What a great magazine. If you haven't checked out this publication, "Do it now!" I think the issue before this one was my favorite so far. It was all about Pinups. The newest issue has a great spread on Ray Harryhausen and his sketchbook. Harryhausen worked on the original Clash of the Titans. He produced some of the most cutting edge effects of his day, and after listening to his appearance on Clay Kaytis' Animation Podcast, I learned he did most everything all by himself. He's still such an inspiration!

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