Time sure does fly when you're having fun, drawing that is. Tried out a few different things tonight. Just to spice it up. Still did a little Preston Blair study. The cat on the right feels more like a John K style than Preston Blair though.

MiniAthena is the last of the big Greek gods. Now I have to decide where I want to go from here.

Claude and his turtle up to their usual antics.

I needed a new wallpaper for my Ipod and my Droid, I also needed a new daily Gilligan drawing.

Ipod Wallpaper

Droid Wallpaper

Since I was on an update kick I figured I'd update my Twitter page too, and I wanted to work with some colored pencils.

Everyday since March 16th, save for the Double post day, I've updated my drawing blog. The main reason I do this, besides that it's great to have the accountability and I'd be drawing anyways, is because I love it when the sites I visit are updated daily. Sure there's Twitter and Facebook, but I also check Cartoon Brew, Michael Sporn Animation, and the John K Stuff site daily. Lucky for me they are almost always updated every 24 hours. So I'll continue to do so in that same fashion too. Thanks for the inspiration!