Gnome today, Gnome tomorrow

I'm not quite sure what that means *gnome today, gnome tomorrow* but it seemed to work in my head. Tried to squeeze in as much drawing as I could into today. I found doing caricatures through chatroulette really has helped to free me up. My drawing study seemed to go a bit faster today. I actually found myself not liking and therefore changing some of the different aspects of a few of the gestures in Preston Blair's Book. I still tried to stay true to the pose though through it all.

Did a few more caricatures on chatroulette tonight. I had a couple of strange experiences. One guy said my work was too bland. He then said it looked like my work belonged in the newspaper, so to him I say, thanks for the compliment. I'd love to be published in the newspaper! Although most people were there for other purposes, I had a few people who watched and chatted while I drew. One guy was a graffiti artist and showed me some of his work. It was quite impressive. I wish I could have gotten his name. One of the last ones I did was of an artist too. He seemed to think the idea of drawing on chatroulette was pretty cool. He gave me his website so I figured I'd mention it here http://www.justinhite.com/.

Today's inspiration is Paul Felix. He works or at least worked at Disney. His work spans through Lilo and Stitch, Brother Bear, Emperors New Groove, and more. His drawings, paintings and backgrounds are just stunning. I hear he teaches or at least taught classes too. I wish I could be in one. Check out some of his work on John Nevarez's Blog.