Walk a Day - Zombie Walk

Happy Halloween!
Today's walk is a Zombie Walk
Head- Back and forth to even the movement of the leading foot and keep balance
Chest - Curved to keep the major line of action
Hips - a little up and down and rotate but mostly to keep everything moving correctly
Arms - straight forward with a little forearm bend to keep them lively and maintain silhouette
Hands - fingers bend in every direction a bit of rotate to enhance the silhouette
Feet - one foot drags the other is slow to rise and quick to plant


Walk a Day - Careful Walk

Today's walk is a careful walk.
Head - Drags back and pulls forward
Chest - rotates and slinks back
Hips - balance the movement between the chest and the legs
Arms - mostly straight out with the drag on the forearm and subtle circles
Feet - slow mostly rotated down and cautious


Walk a Day - Fierce Walk

Today's walk is a fierce walk.

Head - bobs in and out and up and down
Chest - contrasting shapes from curved in to puffed out
Hips - lots of up and down
Arms - mainly focused forward with lots of forearm bend
Hands - claw like with a bit of drag and swipe
Feet - high stepping with a foot slap


Walk a Day - Sneaky Sneaky

Today's walk is a sneak!
Head - lots of overlap and drag
Chest - a bit floppy
Hips - some rotate back and forth to allow for the chest and head
Arms - perched forward with a bit of drag
Hands - drag down with a little floppiness
Feet - tip toe steps


Walk a Day Mime in a box walk

Today's walk is a mime in a box style walk
Head - pretty steady a bit of movement from the hips and chest eyes focused to the side
Chest - worm style wiggle to allow for the hips to go side to side
Hips - rotate back and forth to allow for the legs to shuffle side to side
Arms - little circles in and out
Hands - flat against a made up wall a little bit of rotate to match the arms
Feet - a bit of rotate to add some extra bend to the legs to keep them looking too rigid.


Walk a Day - 70s walk

Today's walk is a 70's dance style groove.
Head - bobbing up and down
Chest - Puffing up and down
Hips - gyrating and rotating in and out
Arms - like a locomotive doing little circles opposite each other
Hands - a bit of drag coupled with a finger point and a closed hand
Feet - a little floppy with a slap down over two frames


Walk a Day - Animalistic

Today's walk is animalistic!
Head - very focused forward with a bit of a downward focus the next sways quite a bit to allow for this
Chest - wags up and down to allow for some squash and stretch
Hips - up and down and rotate heavy to allow the legs to get to the angles they need to
Arms - a few straights and bends to allow for the weight and muscle movement to support the body
Hands - a little bit of drag and release


Walk a Day - Day 8!

Alright we made it over a week straight! Now on to week 2!

Today's walk is a pointy groove!
Head - lots of up and down to the beat
Chest - in and out on the lower torso to allow for the rotate on the hips
Hips - tons of rotate from front to back
Arms - slight front and back movement but mostly up and down on the forearms
Hands - pointy fingers that drag up and down with lots of overlap
Feet - all on the toes lots of rotate and ball roll


Walk a Day - Day 7!

Today's walk is a bird style walk!
Head - really bobs and pecks
Chest - lots of contrast between puffed out and sunk in
Hips - a bit of up and down and rotate to smooth the rest of the movement
Arms - tucked in and bent with a little in and out piston like movement
Hands - limp with a bit of overlap
Feet - lots of up and down and long steps


Walk a Day - Day 6!

Today's walk is heavily leaned back but still being a bit light on the feet.

Head - mostly leaned back with a little bit of back and forth
Chest - puffed out and leaned back to continue the flow of the line of action from the main foot
Hips - a little up and down and rotate to push the movement forward
Arms - fairly straight with slight exaggeration on the extreme forward and back keys
Hands - rotated outward to add more of an emphasis on being light and unobtrusive 
Feet - slip a bit with a light toe landing on each step


Walk a Day - Day 5!

Today's walk is a propeller arms walk!
Head - a little bit of a bob with a slight turn on each arm spin
Chest - slight hunch to a light puff giving it a little bit of contrast and rubbery movement
Hips - a bit of rotation to offset the movement of the chest and lots of side to side rotation
Arms - big propeller like loops a bit of broken joints and drag to give the movement a bit more fluidity
Hands - a little bit of overlap and drag to embellish the overall arm movement
Feet - light bounce and a 1 frame foot slap to give the step a bit more pop


Walk a Day - Day 4!

Today's walk is an Angry Chug!
Head -  pretty straight forward with slight up and down brought on by the shoulders
Chest - hunched with a bit of give to allow for heavy breathing
Hips - slight thrust and rotate focused forward to balance out the curvature of the chest
Arms - never really straighten out always bent on the forearm don't overlap backward too much to keep focus on the forward movement
Hands - tight fists with a little give throughout to allow for non rigidity overlap and drag on the wrists.
Feet - a bit of pound on the steps by adding a bit of backwards rotate and large spacing between the frame before the step and the step


Walk a Day - Day 3!

Today's walk is a proud march!
Head - Chin up focus forward
Chest - Puffed out with slight up and down
Hips - pretty vanilla with a bit of angle to support the chest
Arms - lots of swing on the forearm
Hands - swing forward to a fist and back to a relaxed open palm
Feet - very straight leg heavy with a high foot plant slight overlap on the toe


Walk a Day - Day 2!

Walk a Day - Day 2!

Today's walk is a bit down, exhausted, and heavy.
Head - focused on the ground slight up and down
Chest - focused down subtle breathing
Hips - slight turn on each step
Arms - mostly sedated
Hands - little overlap on the wrists
Feet - mainly on the ground with quick labored heavy steps and a bit of floppy rotation and toes


Walk a Day

Walk a Day

Sorry for not posting for so long, but I've been working on this idea for a while. It's called walk a day. For the last few months I have challenged myself (and kept up with it) to do 48 frames a day. It doesn't have to be perfect and polished, but just a walk that works mechanically and endeavors to delve into the interesting and fascinating world of walks.

I know what you're thinking... walks... what is so interesting about a walk. Well, I dare say you can tell almost everything about a person by the way they walk. If you see your friend walking up the path toward your house you can instantly tell what kind of a mood they are in. You may not be able to know all the intricacies of why they are in that mood, but you can absolutely tell if they are happy, sad, angry, depressed you can also tell what kind of energy level the person is running at are they lethargic, energetic, just got off a 14 hour work day... Okay so you can tell a persons mood, and energy level, so what! Well, that's not all! You can also tell if a person is hurting or suffers from pain, by the way they carry their weight, are they bigger and take heavy labored steps, did they get in a car accident when they were in their 20s that changed the way they can put weight on their hip? You can also make a fairly educated guess at how old a person is by the way they walk. Now I'm not talking like 21 or 22, but rather if a person is an infant, a toddler, a teen an adult, an elderly woman who makes the best cookies ever (okay you may not be able to tell that she can make the best cookies ever by the way she walks ... unless she is carrying a tray of cookies with her as she walks).

I digress... walks are fascinating to me.
Hope I can impart just a little bit about what makes every person's walk so unique to your daily life and maybe next time when you're walking down the Huntington Beach Pier (or local people watching venue) you'll take an extra moment to stop and stare at the way someone walks and see if you can estimate a guess about the person behind the walk.

Today's walk is a bit of a forarm heavy walk.
little bit of up and down on the hips
the wrists are a bit exaggerated
the head bobs a little excessively but to a beat as if he were listening to a good 70's funk ballad
the heels of the feet flop a bit
and the knees need at least a few polishing passes :P

Thanks again for taking a moment to stop and think about the magic of a walk, and I hope you enjoy the new walk a day series.

~ Casey