Animation Time! - Mamooth Rig

Today's Inspiration:
“As for me, I am in pursuit of excellence. I have no time to get old.”

- Will Eisner

Program - Maya 2014

Rig - Mamooth

Animator's Bibles:
Character Animation Crash Course
Animator's Survival Kit
Illusion of Life
12 Principles of Animation
Drawn to Life

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Triceratops Creature - Animation Time!

Today's Animation Time features the Triceratops Creature Rig.
Head - hung down, light sway and tilt side to side with a little overlap in the jaw
Chest - bent down, rotates to offset the hips and allow for the next backward step
Hips - held upward, light bounce and twist to allow for the next backward step
Front feet - low small backwards, steps with overlap in the toes
Back feet - medium wide gaited backwards steps with a little toe flop
Tail - light bounce and flop side to side with successive overlap and bounce