Perspective Roulette

Had a blast drawing today. Did a little drawing for my nephew. *see below* Evidently he really likes it when I draw. Which is always nice to hear. Worked on a bit of perspective. Took quite a bit to get some of the angles down, but I think I handled it okay. Gotta keep practicing though.

I discovered a great way to practice and speed up my sketching, chatroulette. NSFW! Now I know what you're gonna say, and ya you have to sift through all that, but I found out a few great things that it helps with. First of all I should explain what exactly chatroulette is and how I was using it. Chatroulette is basically a site that randomly connects you to someone else in the world with a webcam. So I thought hey why not draw the person on the other side! I quickly learned you have to hook the person fast, meaning you have to draw fast. Not only draw fast, but you have to look fast. You can't just stare at the image for hours on end you have to look quick and draw quick. Not only quick, but you have to draw an accurate (to some extent) representation of the person on the other side of the webcam that they will like. Anyways if you're ever looking for a great exercise and need some images to draw from, try it out. (I can't believe I just spent the last two hours doing that ><). Above and beyond being just a drawing exercise you get instant feed back, and if you're doing it right instant positive feedback.
Today's inspiration comes from Walt Stanchfield's Book Drawn to Life Vol 1 "The goal is to find the essence of the gesture and make all the parts of the body contribute to and enhance that gesture."