You're not paid to erase!

Things seemed to click really well tonight! My hand and my brain seemed to be on a pretty similar wavelength, and I like it. Leaving at least one or two drawings as real roughs is really freeing and fun. I feel a lot looser afterward and it sets a good mood for the rest of the drawings. Surprisingly I've noticed that mood and concentration really affect my work at least I think they do. I'll have to remember to stay happy and positive. That can't be too hard.

Claude and his turtle doing the "myspace pose".

Wolf Gilligan is on the loose.

Our little hero fighting a shark.

Was watching a bit of Glee while I drew tonight so I thought I'd try my hand at drawing Rachel.

A few days ago I was listening to the Art and Story podcast. At least I think it was the Art and Story podcast. Anyways the point is I think it was Jerzy that said something that has stuck with me for a few days. So I thought maybe it would give you something to think about too. "You're not paid to erase." Okay at this point I'm not really getting paid to draw either, but it's a great way of phrasing a point. You can take it a few ways. One loosen up you're, in this case, getting paid to draw. The thing you're setting out to do is draw, not to be meticulous or overwork an image, just let the drawing flow out. The other way to take it is, don't mess up! No one wants to watch an artist erase every 10 seconds. That phrase has just been on my mind when I'm cleaning up my rough drawings. Thanks for the inspiration.