Don't be intimidated!

A lot of artists I've read or heard talk about the intimidation of the blank page. For some reason that hasn't effected me yet. Now there are definitely days where I'll sketch a lot of random creations until my brain decides where I want to go with one of the drawings I want to make, but I never would say I'm intimidated by it. Although, I might get frustrated while I'm drawing or after the image is "done". Staring at an empty blog entry though, now that's a different subject.

Gilligan caressing his food baby.

Claude and his turtle doing the hula hula hula.

Pirate a day

Having been without nourishment for what seemed liked weeks, our little hero gulped up as much of the marinade as he could.

Last night I finally got around to starting the Illusion of Life that trekkiebek got me for Christmas (thanks again!).

What a great book! Now don't get me wrong I've poured over the pictures in the book a few hundred times at least in my lifetime, but to be honest, I'm really not that big into reading. That being said it feels like this book was written for me. Every page has such insight, ideas and knowledge that I find myself reading and rereading the same page and I still feel like I haven't gotten everything out of it that's there. On top of that, every other page or half a page has a beautiful image that perfectly depicts the point that they are trying to get across. You can really tell how much Frank and Ollie loved animation and wanted to share their love of the medium with everyone. They took such care with the book, hell they even include flip book style animations in the corner of practically every page. I love this book. If you like animation, Disney, or just want to drool over some of the most beautifully rendered images you've ever seen, buy this books now! Thanks for the inspiration!