"It ain't easy."

Today's lesson: don't let your guard down. I just crunched one of my drawings while trying to scan it in, Oye! I think it's still salvageable though. Found myself being too much of a perfectionist. I think it slowed me down a bit tonight, but I like what I worked on. I have to remember to keep focused on the whole drawing and gesture I want to portray rather than just one nit picky area. I know I've said something similar to this before, but I find it keeps ringing true.

Claude and his turtle doing the happy dance!

Gilligan and the Wizard of Oz.

I've been putting off coming up with Minithology's Apollo. For some reason this drawing was intimidating me. So I decided Apollo needed to be a Rock Star. That's right, he has a Sun Guitar.

On the heels of what I started talking about earlier, remembering to focus on the whole drawing not just all the little details. Chapter 34 of Walt Stanchfield's Drawn to Life Vol1 really explains this idea in detail. To paraphrase one of his points, picture yourself drawing a circle. You don't focus on every little section of the circle. You imagine the circle you want and you just draw it. This chapter also has possibly one of my favorite quotes from an artist that I've heard to date. It's from one of the most amazing animators in history Ollie Johnston. It's concise, simple and to the point. When talking about drawing he said, "It ain't easy." What a motivation. If a master of his art says it ain't easy, then I'd better keep on drawing.