Everything's better when you add "in space" at the end

Life has been busy lately. I'm finding it challenging to keep some sort of normal time slot for drawing. So I've been keeping a sketchbook with me everywhere I go and trying to find inspiration from everything around me. Whether it be a story someone tells me, the color and shape of the trees outside, or a song I overhear on the radio, etc. I've got to train myself to keep my eyes and ears open to everything and use my experiences and the bits of time here and there to keep growing and learning. Started a new page of sequential drawings and struggled at the beginning to keep the same model with the reference on a different page of my sketchbook, I don't like using rulers. For some reason I feel its cheating. I like how over the top some of these gestures turned out, and ya I know I've got to get them into a gif like I keep saying I'm going to.

Claude and his turtle going for a swim.

Gilligan pretending to be a bird.

I realized while drawing the mustache bandit that he has a similar resemblance to Earl Hickey.

Seahorses in Space!

Vikings at the Grocery Store.

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you know that I've played at least a few computer games in the past. One of them being World of Warcraft. A few years back they came out with a comic book based on that franchise. Of course I was interested just based on the lore and story, but when I saw the art style I was blown away. Ludo Lullabi captures the style of the game perfectly and really blends it well with a true comic book feel.If you're ever looking for a new comic book to read even if you haven't played the game just grab up the World of Warcraft comic and I'm sure you'll love the art too! Thanks for the inspiration Ludo!