Feeling hot hot hot!

Had to try breaking some of my usual habits today. It was way too hot to work in Turbos Studio North, so I had to move to studio south. Which is also commonly referred to as the couch by the air conditioner. It took a while to get used to after-all, I am a creature of habit, or at least I think I like to be. So today I had to work under strange conditions no close up overhead light, no drawing table. I'm gonna have to try to mix it up a little more. I like the challenge.

Gilligan stretching.

Claude and his turtle letting loose.

Outside the Ham Hock Inn the creature loomed closer to our previously unsuspecting hero. The creature seemed agitated, but considering the name of the inn, one really can't blame him.

Arbitraryjane and I used to watch Pete's Dragon ritually. I really couldn't even pinpoint the reason why. The animation is good, the music is great, the story is preposterous, and for some reason it all gelled together perfectly in our young minds. I was searching for some of Randy Cartwright's or Ken Anderson's work on the picture and stumbled across The Art of Disney Animation Blog. What a little gem of a site. It's one of the best collections of Disney animated film concepts I've seen yet. They even had some of my favorite Milt Kahl sketches and some truely unique Tim Burton Concepts from The Black Cauldron. Do yourself a favor and spend an afternoon checking out all the great images collected there. Thanks for the Inspiration!