Off On Avoiding Tangents Again

I think tomorrow *crosses fingers* I'll work more on the Preston Blair study. I didn't spend much time on it tonight. What I did do I think took way too long for how much I got done. I did find out that I really haven't spent nearly enough time studying and drawing faces turning to the rear. Quite Challenging, but I think I hit it in the end.

Gilligan practicing Arithmetic ( +, -, x, /)

Claude scolding his turtle. Again working with different perspectives and layouts. Trying to keep these drawings dynamic like comic book covers.

I think I might spend a bit too much time, if that's possible thinking about Minithology. I like reading up on Greek mythology and then trying to blend it with all the Hercules and Xena I used to watch as a kid, and my own ideas of how I think the characters should play out. Tonights stars are Hermes, Ares, and Aphrodite.

A while back I talked a little bit about avoiding the tangent. I came across The Temple of the Seven Golden Camels blog today and wow what a resource. The most current post had a link to Will Finn's blog Small Room. He did a great write up about the downfalls of tangents with some great examples from both Scooby-Doo and the Flintstones. He really fleshes out a lot of great drawing pitfalls to avoid. Definitely worth a look.

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