Finally, I'm done drawing gnomes. Something makes me feel like I'll be drawing them again soon though. Maybe I'm just a gnomeaphobe. Hands, perspectives, and weight distribution are still a bit tricky, but I'm not having to look at references every single time.

I was finding myself not as excited to draw today, procrastinating, I guess would be the correct term. So I just went with the feeling, and let myself draw what I felt like, in my own sketchbook. I'm still not as confident using heavier led, but it's good practice and when I get it right I tend to like it better than the 2H I usually use.

As promised, here's a more in-depth look at what I was talking about yesterday.

If one learns to master Bruce McIntyre's Six Rules of Perspective you can really render great drawings. Not saying that you don't need color, lighting, and the like, but that your drawings can be seen for what they are supposed to be. Overall these are key principles that all artists especially myself should keep in mind while drawing anything. If you really want to know more about these concepts pick up, Walt Stanchfield's Drawn to Life Vol 1.

Today's inspiration comes from Tony White. I picked up his Animator's Workbook from the library today. What a great find! I haven't had too much time to delve into it yet, but by just finding out more about him through his blog I'm hooked. Check out his eccentric walk pencil tests! They're amazing!