Cyberbrows and a manbag

I find I'm spending less and less time with my Preston Blair study lately. I still am really enjoying it, but I get so many ideas and concepts of my own that I want to draw that I'm finding it hard to set aside the time I used to. I also think drawing really small sequential characters is getting to me. I need to draw bigger.

Claude and his turtle dueling again.

The Daily Gilligan

I've always thought the idea of cyberbrows (robotic eyebrows) looked really cool. I don't know exactly what the benefit would be, but I think if given the option I'd have the surgery.

Had to take a break to watch the new episode of The Office.

I've found I like doing these more adventurous, peril filled, Robin Hood style drawings.

On the heels of yesterday's Viking drawing I become fond of the idea of Vikings in normal situations. Tonight I present to you Viking playing Croquet.

While looking online to find a better way to carry around my sketchbooks, pencils, erasers, etc, yes, I suppose you could say I was looking for a manbag. I came across this great thread (Loose Sketches I Would Like to Own) on the conceptart.org forums. It's a whole collection of people posting pages from some of their favorite artists sketchbooks. I rediscovered Jean Giraud. Back when I was really into Sega games. Thanks mainly to my friend Benstylus. I looked into the Panzer Dragoon series of games. What captivated me about these games was the art. It was unlike anything I've seen before. Jean Giraud mixes comic book style art with a European almost children's book warmth and vibrancy. I really need to find a book of his to study.