Art doesn't depend on how it's done, but how it makes you feel.

I just got a copy of Grave of the Fireflies in the mail today. (One of my new Studio Ghibli favorites). Anyways while watching the bonus features Roger Ebert was talking about the movie and said something I really glommed on to that being something to the effect of Art doesn't depend on how it's done, but how it makes you feel. What a great idea to keep in mind while making anything. Oh and you really should pick up or at least watch Grave of the Fireflies it's a beautiful movie!

Maybe it's just me, but I love behind the scenes looks and putting faces to creations.
Check out this unique look at the Disney Animators responsible for the up and coming Tangled feature.


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Month!! Here's a little festive desktop wallpaper to put you in the mood! Don't forget to pig out on CANDY CORN!

Click here to Download the Full Wallpaper Version!

(original concept design)


A couple of great watches!

Here's a couple of wonderful art / animation videos I've stumbled across over the last week. Watch any of them or all of them. I think you'll really love them!



A quick little sketch I did for my cute little niece of her 3 little monkey song.



Hey everybody! I thought I'd try out something that I've been thinking about doing for a while and that is being live on ustream any time I'm working on art. If you wanna watch there's a little box right over ---- > just hit play. Feel free to chat any time as well! Although I might be in the art zone so it could take a minute for me to respond :)


Influence Map!

Finally joining the influence map meme crowd. If you haven't seen this it's a really fun exercise where you take images from all your influences and combine them into one image. The bigger the image the bigger the influence.

I challenge you to give it a shot no matter what you're interested in whether it's music or movies or writing or reading or whatever it may be. It's a really fun experience and you get to really learn more about yourself in the process!

Here's a blank one for you to try!


Cintiq Tip!

So 5 hours after attempting to get started on my work today I'm finally able to! That being said I thought I'd leave you with a little tip that helped me out quite a bit.

Well it all started when I went to do some quick gesture sketches this morning and shock "tablet driver not found" this happens usually a couple times a week so I reinstalled the driver and nothing. Fast forward after reinstalling 4 different drivers the video driver on my computer unplugging everything resetting photoshop tweaking display settings tweaking preference settings ... you get the idea. Anyways Wacom released a new driver on the 29th! That supposedly fixes the tablet driver not found error and increases the calibration setting options. That being said Windows 7 somehow over-road the wacom drivers with generic Tablet pc drivers which lead to very wobbly bumpy lines. So all that leads to today's tip. For Windows 7 users got to Control Panel > Programs > Turn Windows Features On or Off and turn off those Pesky Tablet PC Components!

Now to get to work!