Highest of Fives

I forget how many different positions our hands can move in. I find myself really liking drawing hands for the same reason I like drawing different perspectives. That reason being that there are just so many times I don't really look at how things look vs how I think things look.

Expressions and musings

Another day. I spent most of the day in my portable sketchbook. I like having the freedom not only of being able to take it wherever I go, but I honestly feel like it's okay to put whatever I want in there. In my main sketchbook I feel obligated to be exact and know what I'm going to do. I'm working on trying to still draw lightly and "kiss the page" as I've heard it said before. I want to say Eric Goldberg said that on the Animation Podcast. If I remember that correctly. I've just always liked that phrase and wanted to be able to draw that way, but I find that it makes the drawings I scan not very viewable. So I'll try to find a happy medium. Now back to working on some hands and different positions.