The 5 variations on a pose

Got a chance to do some more work on the Preston Blair style squirrel frolic!

(click to enlarge!)

I really liked this pose, from a few days ago.
(Stu rig brought to you by AnimationMentor)

It was based on this sketch from a while back.

The original pose I felt was very readable, but this version seems more true to the original sketch.

Then of course I had to attempt one that was completely over the top!

I got some more feedback from some other students who seemed to think I wouldn't get the best grade based on the rigidity of the original pose so I figured I'd go with this one.

The same pose with a slight toe roll on the front foot. I felt it added just a little more than the flat foot of the original!

Even more tweaks, just about to fall asleep too!

I think the line of action and silhouette really pop on this one hope it gets a good grade!

I passed by the 5 Chinese Brothers children's book earlier this week. I can't believe I forgot about this wonderfully illustrated treasure. I'm not sure it's necessarily politically correct these days, but Kurt Wiese's illustration style itself is beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration!