Busy Busy Busy!

In the last day and a half I finished up my application for Animation Mentor and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Cross your fingers extra hard for me! Found out that the art institute wants some examples of my work, but evidently all the want is basically still life with gesture drawings, so part of my time is gonna be spent working on that. Preston Blair is a genius I'm learning so much from his book, and along with this blog, keeping me focused on drawing. Here's a couple animation cycles.

Claude and his turtle exploring and goofing around.

Hungry Hungry Gilligan showing off his pearly whites.

Our little hero is deathly afraid of birds and soon crocodile men.

A couple portraits I'm working on for my art institute portfolio.

I was thinking about the email John Shroades sent me in which he mentioned Chris Van Allsberg. Who has produced some of the most amazingly beautiful illustrations, but that made me think about some of the children's books I loved as a kid. One of those was Graeme Base's 11th Hour. Graeme base is best known for Animalia. What I love most about Graeme's illustrations is not just his vibrant color but how much detail he can cram into a single image. Unlike Frazetta who would articulate breathtakingly his main character and the action and then leave the rest of the image completely subtle, Base adds so much detail that you have to spend some time soaking up every little unique aspect of the image. I did a little research on Base and came across a video interview he gave. He said being a successful illustrator comes down to the 3 P's. Passion, you have to love what you do and do it for your own enjoyment. Perspiration you
have to master your style. Lastly Providence, you have to have just a little smidgen of luck. Thanks for the inspiration!