Pompous Walk - Walk a Day

Today's Walk is a Pompous Walk.
Head - tipped upward with a light further tip upward and back down
Chest - Puffed out twists side to side to offset the hips
Hips - light up and down with rotate to favor the next step
Legs - straight leg switch off between the passing position and contact
Feet - low small steps minimal rotate downward on the passing position and a light toe flop
Arms - (Left Arm) perched up near the chest (Right Arm) straddled on the back hip
Hands - (Left Hand) pressed lightly into the chest pushes in slightly and releases (Right Hand) tipped against the hip light clench on the  fingers

So Sleepy Walk - Walk a Day

Today's Walk is a So Sleepy Walk.
Head - light tip upward on the passing position
Chest - caved inward light lift on the passing position
Hips - dip down on the passing position twist to favor the next step
Legs - slow low to the ground steps extra drag
Feet - slow steps rotate back on the passing position excess toe drag
Arms - drag downward light swing
Hands - very minimal swing following the movement of the arms