Finding the Balance

With school starting, work, drawing, and life, I've got to reevaluate everything in order to find the balance in a new routine that works. Although it's new and exciting every once in a while it's a little rocky. I'm finding drawing is a lot like that too. Some days you can just whip out a drawing without thinking in only few minutes and it just works. Other days you struggle trying to produce something that's half way decent. Overall you have to keep drawing to try to find that balance of talent, ability and skill vs hard work, persistence and knowledge. Here's to the adventure!

Gilligan hanging out.

Claude and his turtle vaudevilling.

It wasn't long after reaching his proverbial pigsty that the porker hungered for the flesh of our little hero.

Pirate a Day

One of my favorite moments every morning is checking to see what great post Michael Sporn made for the day. One day it might be some great behind the scenes moment or drawing in Disney history, the next its some rare collection of images from some forgotten illustrator, or simply a garden of flowers he found extra beautiful. If you haven't checked out his site yet, bookmark it right now, it really is a treat! Thanks for the inspiration!