Draw Draw Draw

Wake up, Draw, Work, Draw, Eat, Draw, Sleep, Draw...the perfect schedule. Lately, I'm becoming a little obsessed with drawing the perfect circle. I have to eventually just move on. I've heard people talking about art being the only "profession" of sorts that you never actually finish a job. You simply get to the point where you need to do something else. Which usually ends up being drawing something else. In order to try to get away from over working my drawings I bought a new sketchbook and a sharpie. There's no real forgiveness with a bad line when you're using a sharpie. I'm hoping that will speed me up a bit. I'm really liking the structure of the walk cycles. Preston Blair really understood movement. I gotta keep learning.

Gilligan continuing with the under the sea vibe.

Claude and his turtle working out and playing space ranger.

Throwing open his rented room door Our Little Hero exclaimed, "What was that?!"

After hearing no response, and seeing no one left in the inn He scoured every inch of the establishment hoping to find even a hint of what might have just happened.

Yub and her pet bee.

Thanks to Twitter everyday I'm reminded to check Skine.art and EatSleepDraw. Both of these sites are great. They showcase random works of art from people around the globe. Some are truly beautiful, and others you can tell are amateur, but a lot of times those drawings bring the most energy and originality. Thanks for the inspiration!