Distraction 5555

Too easily distracted tonight. I still got a decent amount done, but not in any sort of timely fashion. Today was the last part of my Preston Blair young heroine study. Not a lot of facial work, but tried out some angles that I don't think I've done in the past. Feet and lips seemed to be my area of struggle tonight. I'm happy to be starting part 2 of Preston Blair's Cartoon Animation book tomorrow, the focus is on character movement! It should be a fun learning experience.

Gilligan needed to dance tonight.

Claude and his turtle on the run.

Hephaestus is an interesting character. After doing a little bit of research on him I came up with a mix of Al Borland, Billy Mays, and real Greek mythology.

I was thinking about these "two girls I know" who love Xmen. So I thought they would make great Superheroines themselves.

Rhys rented Interstella 5555 a while back and I didn't think much of it. After she had it on for about three minutes the music really caught my attention. The movie is basically an animated version of a Daft Punk album. The music is so catchy and Leiji-Matsumoto's outerspace rock band characters are instantly lovable. If you've ever got an afternoon to kill do yourself a favor and Netflix it.