Opportunities and Goals

Sorry about last night's update being a little late... I got caught up roughing and retouching up the Preston Blair run cycle. Overall I think it turned out pretty good, but I've got to remind myself to keep to deadlines and although perfection is key you have to keep yourself on schedule.

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Gilligan is kind of a scared-i-cat.

Gilligan doing his best greek fountain impression.

Claude and his turtle being kings of the world,

and then realizing that they aren't.

Pirate a Day

Pirate a Day - Article the Second

After a few hours of trying different looks our little hero and Theodore found one that worked perfectly!

Our little hero couldn't thank Theodore the tailor enough!

So life has thrown me quite a few twists since really following my dream to be an artist / animator. Some things have vastly improved while others have simply fallen by the wayside. I'm right now again at a crossroads in life. I was listening to the Asifa Hollywood Animation Podcast with Beth Sleven, and they were talking about which colleges were the best to go to for animation, which books were the best to read, what skills to practice and develop, and they came to the conclusion that it really doesn't mater as long as you really have the desire and motivation, along with some sort of talent of course. For example one of her fellow animators started out as a law student. Which reminded me of something Eamonn Butler said on the Animation Podcast. It was something to the effect of you never really know exactly what opportunities are going to come your way and you have to take advantage of everyone. Well here's to decisions, hard work, life, motivation, opportunities, and goals. Thanks for the inspiration!