Sometimes you just need to take a little break. I was noticing the I'm too tired warble in my final line work today after work, so even though I wanted to get tonight's drawings done right away, I knew I needed to step away for a bit. Lo and behold the rest of the drawings went pretty smoothly.

Gilligan keep on truckinging.

Claude tries on his new toupee.

Pirate a Day

With our little hero feeling good in his fancy new duds he paid Theodore the Tailor in the towns favorite currency, and went on his way.

I got to watch part of the Rescuers last night, after not having seen this movie for who knows how long, and hearing and reading lots about it (since it was one of the last things Milt Kahl worked on) I was happy that it still stood up to what I was hoping it would. I really picked up on a lot of the things Walt Stanchfield has been talking about regarding drastic angles to emphasize the pose and to really get the gestures across. (Drawn to Life Vol 1) I wish they would have developed the Madame Medusa character story-wise a bit more, cause Milt Kahl delivers an outstanding performance. Thanks for the inspiration!

(Check out Inspector Cleuzo's posts on Madame Medusa for some great Milt Kahl drawings!)